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  • Annual Service – Make sure that your boiler is serviced once every year by a gas safe registered engineer. Even if you think that your boiler is in a working condition. Make sure your boiler is ready to take the strain when the winter months come. Contact PBT to see how we can service your boiler


  • Turn Your Heating On – Even when the sun is shining, boilers can seize up. It is recommended that you turn you boiler on for around 10 minuets every so often.

Boiler tips

  • Bleed Your Radiators – Air can get trapped inside the radiator system. Release the air by ‘bleeding’ the radiators. Without doing this you will add more stress to the boiler which in the longer run will be more costly.


  • Look For The Blue Flame – Your boiler should be showing a clear blue flame. Any other colour such as yellow, there could be something wrong.

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